Friday, November 30, 2012

Late November Musings

So here I sit in late November pondering the winter ahead. I always approach winter with mixed feelings and this winter will be no exception. Cold and wet is something I do not handle well anymore but it's not like winter doesn't have it's attributes after all.
Winter steelhead, especially the hatchery variety, are abundant this time of year and I figure they are put in the river to harvest so harvest them I do.It is the responsible thing to do for any angler to take these fish out of the river. Their adverse effect on wild spawning steelhead is well known although many fishermen are in denial to that fact. I encourage every fisherman I know that pursue hatchery winter steelhead to harvest them no matter their pre-spawning condition and it is irresponsible and just plain ignorant to think you are doing anything noble by releasing hatchery steelhead back into the river.
So friends have a great winter season. I am putting this blog on hiatus for the winter but might post something if I think you will enjoy it.
Congrats MM and WG!!!!!!