Friday, June 21, 2013

Damn Science Anyway...I Hate It!!!

If the science does not agree with your thinking then by all means ignore it, discount it or just out right hate it. Never has this been more evident than in the debate about wild fish.

The links below are to studies about the interaction of hatchery and wild salmonids. So say it's all bullshit if you want but until you come up with more than the typical "there are no true wild fish" and crap like that then how about just shutting the fuck up?

Ecological interactions between wild and hatchery salmonids: an introduction to the special issue

Mechanisms influencing competition between hatchery and wild juvenile anadromous Pacific salmonids in fresh water and their relative competitive abilities

Predation by hatchery yearling salmonids on wild subyearling salmonids in the freshwater environment: A review of studies, two case histories, and implications for management

Risk management of non-target fish taxa in the Yakima River Watershed associated with hatchery salmon supplementation

Ecological risk assessment of multiple hatchery programs in the upper Columbia watershed using Delphi and modeling approaches

Lack of trophic competition among wild and hatchery juvenile chum salmon during early marine residence in Taku Inlet, Southeast Alaska

Spatial and trophic overlap of marked and unmarked Columbia River Basin spring Chinook salmon during early marine residence with implications for competition between hatchery and naturally produced fish

Wild chinook salmon survive better than hatchery salmon in a period of poor production

Evidence for competition at sea between Norton Sound chum salmon and Asian hatchery chum salmon

Perspectives on wild and hatchery salmon interactions at sea, potential climate effects on Japanese chum salmon, and the need for sustainable salmon fishery management reform in Japan

Wild and hatchery reproduction of pink and chum salmon and their catches in the Sakhalin-Kuril region, Russia

Some consequences of Pacific salmon hatchery production in Kamchatka: changes in age structure and contributions to natural spawning populations

Breeding success of four male life history types of spring Chinook Salmon spawning in an artificial stream

Rapid expansion of an enhanced stock of chum salmon and its impacts on wild population components

Genetic differentiation between collections of hatchery and wild masu salmon (Oncorhynchus masou) inferred from mitochondrial and microsatellite DNA analyses

Overview of salmon stock enhancement in southeast Alaska and compatibility with maintenance of hatchery and wild stocks

Strategies for reducing the ecological risks of hatchery programs: Case studies from the Pacific Northwest

An overview of salmon enhancement and the need to manage and monitor natural spawning in Hokkaido, Japan

Understanding the adaptive consequences of hatchery-wild interactions in Alaska salmon

Ecological interactions between wild and hatchery salmonids and key recommendations for research and management actions in selected regions of the North Pacific

There are a lot more studies out there....this is just a sample. The difference between our agenda (pro-wild fish) and the hatchery lovers is a matter of selfishness. We have no interest if what we can get out of the deal except to save wild fish. We want wild salmon and steelhead to be in our streams for future generations. The hatchery crew wants fish to kill period. They are not interested in a workable compromise that would save wild fish for the future while providing a harvestable product for the dinner table. I like to harvest a salmon or steelhead of hatchery origin for the exact same reason as I am sure most of your do. The things is I am not about to compromise the well being of wild salmon and steelhead to do so.

Native Fish Society Working For Wild Steelhead On Salmonberry River

Just one question to the lynch mob on ifish who hate NFS. What have YOU done for your local stream? Huh? C'mon big mouths.
So typical of the anti-conservation crowds to bad mouth the good works that a group does and spread lies about wonder they are mostly republicans!!!

Salmonberry River Marcroinvertebrate Monitoring Report