Sunday, April 24, 2016

Fly Fishing Overrated - Underrated

I'll just dive right in.

Huge internet fishing forums - They have accomplished little more than putting crowds on our favorite rivers. They are populated by people who want instant angling gratification.

Deschutes River steelhead - I love this river more than any other but face it! The legendary Deschutes summer steelhead are little more than a bunch of cookie cutter hatchery clones....sad

Indicators - Just buy a spinning rod....nuff said!

Cheap fly equipment - Not trying to sound elitist here but putting a bunch of unlearned beginners with cheap rod, line and reel set-ups is setting them up for failure..

Steelhead broodstock programs - No matter how gear guides try to spin it this is nothing more than making hatchery fish out of wild fish. It only benefits the few but we all pay for it.

Fly fishing for carp - Just seeing if John Montana is paying attention here.

Self styled internet fly fishing philosophers - Huh?

Fishing vests - They make these with too many pockets in order to frustrate us old guys.

Barbed hooks - Look guys the information is out there so why take a chance at hurting a wild fish?

Winter - Chekov was full of shit!

Pictures of fish - So how many 8 lb. steelhead do we need to see? Show me something unique or a picture of a kids first fish or something original and for God's sake get that rod out of your mouth!

Fly fishing for bonefish or tarpon in some place warm - It's over rated because I don't have the money to do it!

Marabou - It's fine if you can find good quality feathers but just try to find good quality feathers locally.

Hatchery anything - Just a poor substitute for real fish.

Fly fishing for Chinook salmon - Kind of like reeling in a log

Fly fishing for Chum salmon - Just leave them alone guys

Okay let's talk about


Metolius River - It's probably not underrated but I had to get it on this post anyway.

Warm summers - Like I said I'll never bitch about the heat again. With the coast a mere 50 miles away I can escape the heat. Escaping the cold involves flying away to  somewhere tropical.

Releasing wild fish - If you are not doing it you should be!

Not catching fish - Hey I do it all the time so it must be a good thing huh?

Fly fishing with two-handed rods - This is a God send to steelheaders

Good pipe tobacco and good single malt scotch - Cutty Sark just don't cut it.

Regal fly tying vise - Excellent for those big winter steelhead flies.

Any river with wild fish - This is a no brainer and I'm sure you guys won't disagree.

Bamboo fly rods - Cannot say it enough

Cutthroat trout - My favorite trout on a fly

So that's it! Please feel free to add your own and I will post them.