Monday, May 30, 2011

Part of the Problem

We all know what is at stake as far as our wild cold water fisheries go. The future of their existence is in the balance. I must ask why there is not the same urgency among the rank and file anglers and why are these anglers so resistant to tackling the tough issues of wild salmonids.
There is bound to be a certain percentage that really do not care what the origin is of their catch...they just want fish to kill and take home. The sports fishermen that are unsure and on the fence is where we need to concentrate our efforts with education and our own example. I think that some in conservation groups have alienated those curious and undecided anglers with our over pretentious attitudes. I have done this myself and while I feel my anger over the ignorant is justified I am wondering if I am just filling the ranks of the anti-science, anti-wild fish numbers.
I am not alone!
Even amongst ourselves there seem to be an unspoken pecking order that comes off as aloof and arrogant. I've seen it and experienced it.
I won't mention names but if this arrogant and elitist behavior exists even among ourselves how do those who are not actively involved in wild salmon, trout and steelhead issues view us?
Most of us are fly fishermen. We are viewed as thinking our "shit don't stink" We get accused of wanting to make rivers our own little fly fishing and catch and release Shangri-La. These people just cannot get past that and our message of why wild salmonids are so important is lost because they perceive us as acting superior. How much worse is it when we even act like that among ourselves?
It cannot be said enough about the daunting issues we face as we try to preserve what remnant of wild and endangered salmonid populations there are left but maybe our rhetoric goes unheard because we tend to come off as a bunch of wild fish hugging assholes.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wild Steelhead Pictorial

Here are some pictures of beautiful wild steelhead that I've collected through the years.
The steelhead trout is, at least to me, the fish that dreams are made out of. It must be much the same feeling that Atlantic salmon afly fishermen feel about the legendary salmo salar
The importance of protecting these ocean going rainbow trout is paramount to the future of our angling heritage here in the Pacific northwest.Please do all you can to help these and other wild salmonids.
Anyway here is some eye candy for you steelhead junkies.

Photo Courtesy of Jad Donaldson

This fish was taken by me on the Wilson River in 2005

Joel La Follette and his legendary British Columbia steelhead

Photo courtesy of Bob Meiser of Meiser rods

                        Mike Hoffman's very first steelhead

         Winter Steelead caught by John Newbury                            

My 18.6 Wilson River native caught while drift fishing 2013