Sunday, June 08, 2014

Bullshit To ODFW

Until ODFW provides a comprehensive plan to not only provide a better hunting and fishing experience for Oregonians but also a plan to protect our wild salmonid resources. Their phony Coastal Multi-Species Conservation and Management Plan is just a bandage to cover the real issues. Throwing good money after bad without addressing the real issues is going to get us no where but will cost us more money for an inferior product.
Heads need to roll in Salem! From Roy Elicker to Ed Bowles to Todd Alsbury, they need to be shown the door!
Are you satisfied with how ODFW is running things? Do you think Oregon has any "Blue Ribbon" fisheries anymore? Do you think ODFW does enough for wild fish? I don't! ODFW definitely does not need a fee increase to muddy things up any more than they already are. They need a dose of reality and a complete reorganization. Get rid of the dead weight and end some of the money wasting projects that always seem to get funded.
Just say HELL NO to increasing license and tag costs! Close down some inefficient hatcheries! I realize that hatcheries are some sort of sacred cows here in Oregon but face it. Some are not doing the job and are actually hurting wild salmonid populations.