Sunday, December 21, 2014

More Equals Less?

If you are a friend of wild steelhead please take the time to click on the above link in red.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Home Waters by Erik Helm

Click on this link   Home Waters
Erik Helm is a gifted writer and while I dabble in writing a bit myself I cannot write the wonderful prose that Erik does. To put into words the emotion and wonder that is fly fishing is truly a gift.
Be sure to visit Erik's Blog  The Classical Angler

Saturday, December 06, 2014

These Groups and People Are Not Wild Fish Friendly

This has been a long time coming and I am calling out these NW businesses and people who have not done enough for wild fish in the region. I am not advocating boycotts but I am suggesting that anglers who believe in wild salmon, steelhead and trout should contact these people and let them know how you feel. Everything I say here is verifiable - This huge NW fishing website has never been at the forefront of anything that would help wild fish if it means limiting hatcheries. The owners and administrators allow slanderous and untrue comments about conservation groups to be posted in the forums.

2.Three Rivers Sportsmen's Alliance - Lead by extreme right-wing and pro-commercial gill net businessmen this group tried to organize boycotts of businesses who support wild salmonids.

3.Lamb's Thriftway - They sell gill netted wild steelhead and do not try to hide the fact

4. Association of Northwest Steelheaders - Longstanding support of broodstock programs and wild fish harming hatcheries have turned this once wild fish advocate group in to little more than hatcheries at all cost shills.

5. Coastal Conservation Association - More of the same hatcheries for all and to hell with wild fish. The CCA cares more about allocation than sustainable wild salmon.

6. North Oregon Coast Guides - Many of these guides actually encourage the co-mingling of wild and hatchery steelhead. The broodstock program  A.K.A "gear guide welfare" was created for this group

7.Amato Books - Founder Frank Amato was at the very forefront of conservation back in the 70's but now this publishing group is a far cry from those days.

8. Salmon and Steelhead Journal - Maps and features on how to exploit endangered fish put this publication on the not wild fish friendly list.

9.Shilo Inn - The owner of this hotel chain is not only an exploiter of illegal workers but is also a poacher.

10. The Rest - These businesses are not, accordingly to what they have publically written, wild fish friendly. They advocate increased planting of hatchery smolt in areas where wild fish are present. They want you to spend your outdoor dollars in support of their pro-hatchery beliefs.
Ammerman Eggs
Kone Zone and Short Bus Flashers
John Lewis Printing
Gary Loomis
Lamiglas Rods
David Johnson Guide Service
Tillamook Anglers

I'm quite sure that I will draw the ire of some of these people but remember this. Number one I am NOT suggesting boycotting any of them unlike what many of these people and groups did concerning supporters of Native Fish Society. Number two  ALL of these folks and businesses have gone on record supporting the exploitation of wild salmonids and increased hatchery supplementation and broodstock programs. One person even made up false information about Native Fish Society to try to convince the na├»ve of all the "evil" doings NFS has done.

Remember this.... "It ain't a rumor if it's true"