Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Anything For A Buck?

Okay so let me see if I got this right. Anglers face the ever expanding crowds on their favorite steelhead streams.
There are not enough fish for the amount of people pursuing the. Boorish behavior by boaters, guides and bank fishermen is ever increasing. Illegal behavior among so called sports fishermen is also increasing with litter, vehicle break-ins and trespassing.
Simply put our fishing resource in the Pacific Northwest is dwindling while the fishing population is increasing.
So what do we do?  Hmmmmmm....what do we do ??????
I can tell you what Scott Pence of Central Oregon did!  Scott decided, like so many other opportunistic folks in the region, to cash in on fishing Tillamook county.
Mr.Pence claims his book is a highly detailed
"How To and Where To" Yes all of you Nestucca,Wilson and Trask river lovers! Scott has decided to invite a few thousand anglers to your favorite drift or run on the famous (too famous) Tillamook county steelhead streams.
Wonder if Scott Pence is going to give anything back to the resource he has decided to make a few bucks off of.