Friday, October 01, 2010

Metolius will humble you

Photograph by Kathleen Lewis Stewart

First of all let me say that the Metolius is a beautiful river in every sense of the word. It's a place that I could easily live near and be quite contented! To be able to hang around Camp Sherman and the "Met" would be wonderful.
It also showed me that I am not the hot shot fly fisherman that I may have foolishly thought I was. Actually I know I'm an average fly angler at best so there was no delusional thinking going on here at all.
Crystal clear and swift is the best way to describe it and for the few hours I fished it I as might well have been fishing with no fly on my line for all the good it did me.
It was however, one of my best fishing trips of the year...go figure


  1. love that river, but it does tend to beat you up!

  2. I loved that river too - felt like I was on some exclusive water back in England or Scotland. It stumped me too - I couldn't figure it out. Huge lakers in the bridge pool, with the strangest current - made it impossible to get a good wooly bugger drift.

  3. if you head back this fall and/or winter, try dead drifting golden kaufmann's stones, swinging them at the end. i stumbled onto this technique as a kid, and it led me to many amazing winter days. someone suggested that it must imitate a fall caddis pupa, which makes sense. but either way, it worked very well, even in the 12-degree air temps common in january over there.

    and if you hook a whitefish, reel it in veeeeery slowly :-)