Thursday, August 17, 2006

There ain't no cure for the summer time blues

Dog days of August does not apply just to the baseball season to me at least. It's this time of year that the coastal cutthroat trout have retreated back into the salt water bays and estuaries because the coastal rivers are just a mere trickle right now. The Deschutes summer steelhead have not shown in significant numbers and the Deschutes trout are spawning and should be left alone.
Of course there is always the salmon fishing circus of the lower Columbia river at buoy 10 but I refuse to participate in that fishery. I don't do salt water very well and John Montana has yet to convince me of the wonderfulness of fly fishing for carp (great looking family JM) So after a pilgrimage to Mecca aka Metolius and another one to the NF Umpqua I'm just biding my time until the summer steelhead dam counts over The Dalles are numerous enough to entice me and my faithful fishing partner John Ramey over to the Deschutes. I therefore must amuse myself with major league baseball where my beloved Dodgers are precariously perched atop the NL West with a weekend series ahead with the hated Giants.

Or I can continue my search for the "holy grail" of fly reels, to me at least! The left handed retrieve Hardy Perfect.

Now you watch John Montana will claim to have one that he uses for carp and I will be forced to call the fly fishing authorities on him.


  1. my hardy bougle has seen its share of carp!

    not much going on with carp right now either, though i did hook a big mirror that would have hit the mid teens today.

  2. Dang JM that is just plain blasphemy! Better turn that reel over to me.