Friday, December 15, 2006

In Praise of Single Malts and Fine Cigars

Is there anything better? I mean to sit down with a nice single malt and perhaps a Monte Cristo while contemplating which Hardy Brothers fly reel is my latest object of desire. Honestly is there anything better to a 52 year old, over stuffed fly fisher like me?
My son got me a nice bottle of twelve year old Laphroaig for Christmas last year and it was not until June of this year when my dear mother in law passed away that I cracked the seal on it.I felt toasting her life was a fitting reason to open the bottle. Earlier in the year my good friend and bamboo guru Mike and I sat out on his deck and enjoyed a fifth of Spey Burn with a nice Monte Cristo to celebrate his new job after three years of unemployment.
When Mike finished my Dickerson taper 8013 we celebrated with a few rounds of Laphroaig that day too.
At this stage of my life there is very little that gets me real excited except maybe for a rising trout or a running steelhead so the simple pleasure of good whiskey, a good cigar and fly fishing does me just fine.

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