Wednesday, January 24, 2007

An Angler's Winter and Other Laments

Last night it snowed for the first time, everything's covered in white. How many months till the springtime? It's a long winter's night

This winter has been especially tough for me with the seemingly endless nights and non-stop rain or snow. It put's on darkness on my moods that only the warmth of spring and summer can cure.
Part of it's been the fact that my beloved mother-in-law is no longer with us. She was the matriarch of the family and I never realized how much affection I had for her until she was gone. It's just not the same nor will it ever be but for the passing of time to heal the loss our family feels.
Secondly my fishing is not very adaptable for the winter. The trout don't rise after hatches that are not there because it's too cold.
My fly rods sit snugly in their cases and every once in awhile I'll take them out just to feel them in my hand. I know it's just a matter of a few months until the days are long enough and warm enough to venture over the mountains to seek the red sides of the Deschutes.
Oh I'll get out with my gear chucking friends and even fish some deeply swinging flies on a coastal river but it's not the same.
So with enthusiasm I will look to the coming spring with hope and anticipation.


  1. sorry to hear about your loss Stew. i'm with on the dream of spring. i just can't get motivated to swing or nymph for steelhead and I long for the days of tailing fish, bright sun and runs into my backing.

    not too far off now...

  2. Just wanted to say great writing, please keep it up. I just came across your site. Also, sorry to read about your loss.