Friday, March 16, 2007

It's So Close I Can Smell the Sage

Are we finally getting that taste of spring that the weatherman keeps promising? I can hardly wait for my first trip of the year over the mountain to the Deschutes. The long and dreary winter is hopefully behind us and now the real fishing for me begins.
I've gone out a few times this winter, mostly with conventional tackle and have managed a few hatchery steelhead that way and while it is fun it is not very satisfying due to the fact that I find it no challenge anymore. While I'm not claiming to be some gear fishing master I have been doing it during the winter for more years than I care to admit. It's an uninspiring way to fish and if my winter steelhead fly fishing skills were better then I would abandon it altogether. I have abandoned my pompous attitude towards them and started to fly fish with an indicator this year for winter steelhead so as I become more skilled at this technique I will put the gear back in mothballs.
All that aside it's spring now and what is so positive about that fact is the weather can only get better and I am excited about that! Rattlesnakes, locked gate and the Rainbow Tavern here I come.


  1. closet gear fisherman, huh stew? i'm shocked! the next thing you know, you'll be fishing for carp!

    by the way, check out the pics on my blog...doesn't that make you want to give carp fishing a try?

  2. I'm with you here... I need to get better at fishing eggs and indicators. I'm about to go gear-head myself for the winters.