Friday, April 07, 2017

Helpful Tips For The Older Fly Fisherman

A few years ago I picked up a helpful pamphlet by the late Lenox Dick about fly fishing for the elderly. I'm almost 63 but don't put me in the grave yet and I do appreciate those senior discounts. Since I have a bad back and it sometimes makes me feel like I'm 103 I thought that the information by Mr. Dick was useful.

I did, however, notice that the author left out a few tips that would be of use for us veteran anglers so here goes....

1. Never fish with someone a lot younger than you. Exceptions of course would be your own children or grandchildren who wouldn't dare keep you out too long in fear of having to carry you back to the car. Anyway, these young guys tend to be obsessed and you may never, ever get off the river especially if the two of you are in his vehicle. This rule also applies to fishing with someone who is new to the sport! They just don't understand that your old body just ain't up to those marathon fishing trips anymore.

2. Never eat spicy or high fiber food the day before a fishing trip on a remote location - Trust me on this guys! Avoid those coconut macaroon cookies at all cost.

3. Do not forget to take toilet paper - You will have to cannibalize  your favorite fishing shirt if you forget the TP!

4. When nature calls be sure to get your waders out of the way - They don't make Depends for fly fishermen yet!

5. Try to not make your disdain for bait fishermen too obvious - Remember this is the group from whence you came and may still dabble in occasionally in the winter. Remember there may be a day after you've hung up the fly gear when you cannot do anything but plunk Powerbait at the boat dock.

6.Try to avoid phrases like "Well in my day we did it this way" - Remember how much you used to hate it when someone said it to you when you were young? My day was before graphite, cell phones and the Internet so it's a wonder I ever caught anything.

7.Always tell someone where you are going if you are fishing by yourself - They will need to know where to start their search for the body after all.

8.Invest in a pair of waders with a zipper in them and don't forget to zip them back up before you wade back out.

9.The pants you wear under your waders should have a zipper as well. Button up Levis are a hassle when you gotta go.

Face it Gramps you are not the world class caster you mistakenly thought you once were! Just be satisfied that you at least didn't miss any guides when you threaded your fly didn't miss any guides did you?  

So there you go pops! You can enter your golden years of fly fishing fully prepared and hey at least you are getting out of the house.

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