Sunday, July 15, 2007

Stewardship Pledge

I got this from the Recycled Fish website and it makes sense to take this pledge don't you think? You see if we sit back and complain without actually doing something then it's just empty words.


I choose to be a good steward of our natural resources on the water, in the field, and in my everyday life by living a lifestyle of environmental awareness - with positive impact.

I will learn the fish and game laws where I hunt or fish, and always abide by them.

I will practice Catch and Release and Selective Harvest faithfully and responsibly.

I will “police my resource,” by turning in poachers, and reporting polluters.

I will make up for “the other guy,” the one who has not yet embraced stewardship, by cleaning up the areas that I fish, hunt, hike and camp.

I will not trespass to fish or hunt, I will respect private property and help make a good name for sportsmen among private landowners.

I will boat in a safe and responsible manner.

I will treat other users of the resource with exceptional respect, with the intention that anglers would become known widely as the primary stewards of the resource.

I’ll look for conservation projects where I can participate with time, money, or other

I will encourage others to take the stewardship pledge and I will promote the ethic of natural resource stewardship.

I choose to serve as a role model in protecting what remains, and recovering what’s been lost of our wild and natural places.

I am a steward.

I hope each of you follow the spirit of this pledge....wild fish need us!

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  1. Shane, thanks for sharing and extending the pledge! Your endorsement means a lot.

    We're very excited - we now have people from 3 continents who have taken the pledge in just a very short time. The more the merrier!

    Sportsmen, especially anglers, have a huge voice if they use it.

    Teeg Stouffer
    Executive Director
    Recycled Fish