Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Beautiful Poem by Gottfried Keller

Something in this poem by Gottfried Keller says what I feel. Gottfried Keller is an atheist and while I do not totally embrace atheism I am finding it makes a lot more sense that the Wal-Mart Christianity we see in America today.We see no condemnation,judgement and intolerance in atheism while I see all of this and more in the so called body of Christ. Why would anyone be attracted to that? Are George Bush and Jerry Falwell examples of American Christianity? No thanks!

During the cold days of winter time

Feeling life’s gloom and finality

I’ve banned you completely from my mind,

Mirage of immorality.

Now that summer is aglow and gay

Now I can see I have done well.

I have crowned my head with a wreath today,

Delusion, though, lies in its shell.

I’m travelling on the stream so clear

Feeling its coolness on my hand.

And I look up to the bluest sphere

And search – no better fatherland.

Blooming lily, only now I know

The meaning of your soft-hued hail.

How ever much my heart aglow,

I know, like you, I’ll pass away.

You lovely roses, I’m greeting thee,

In fleeting bliss of your life here.

Back from the boundless I turn with glee

Towards your gracefulness so dear!

Live life to the utmost, bloom and glow

Is what your scent and light teach me,

And then willing and gracefully bestow

Your life never again to be.

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  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

    He has such graceful writing Shane, thank you for the enlightenment.