Sunday, September 09, 2007

Friends of The Quiet Pool

Dear Readers,
You'll notice that my links section is titled "Friends of The Quiet Pool"
Well there is a good reason for that. These organizations,businesses and friends are in agreement with me in the struggle to protect our cold water fisheries throughout the world. They neither solicited me to link them here and they do not pay me any fee to do so. The fly shops listed here support conservation efforts throughout the Pacific Northwest and I support them with my business. I feel it's unethical and dishonest to make money off of our wild fish without giving something back. You might notice that I do not link various groups or businesses that do not support wild fish and conservation issues.
I also will not link any organization that supports any program that is harmful to wild fish in any way. These programs include hatcheries, steelhead broodstock programs and anything that could cause harm to wild salmonids and their habitat.
I also will not support any candidate or political party on this blog that does not support environmental issues.
I really have no idea how many people read this blog but as you may have noticed I have directed some of my harshest criticism at those who I feel exploit and make money off of what I call the "backs" of our wild salmon, trout and steelhead.
As I've said before you will never read anything here that is, in my opinion,not wildfish friendly except to point out and comment about the wrongness of their position.
With that being said any and all are welcome here. I would sincerely hope that you may read something here that will further you along in your fly fishing journey.

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