Sunday, January 18, 2009

Starry Night

I love this particular work by Vincent van Gogh. I've never been to France much less to the Rhone river region that this painting depicts. I've never even visited any important art galleries where such masterpieces hang but I do know enough about art to have a minuscule understanding of what the master was trying to capture with his brush strokes of oil.
You can Google search van Gogh's painting and the experts will try to tell you what you see.
Try looking at it yourself and find what it is that stirs you if it stirs you. Don McLean's "Vincent" is, I believe, his best song and that is saying a lot since his most famous work "American Pie" is something of an American anthem. "Vincent" is a song that captures the torturous life of van Gogh but in the same way it also captures the deep emotions and beauty of van Gogh.

What do you think he was trying to say with the way the stars seem so much more alive and vibrant than they really are. The rural french village below seems almost an after thought to fill the canvas.
I think too many people over the year have tried to psychoanalyze van Gogh instead of just appreciating the vibrancy that seems to spring from his canvas.
I hope you can appreciate the works of this master as I am learning too.

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  1. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Excellent image - thankyou - I shall make this my next task when I get the urge to paint. I occasionally fool around with oil colour on homemade gesso panels (mdf). Also occasionally produce some small abstract sculptures. Vincent delighted in colour and pigment, he was very lucky to have his brother Leo to provide support.

    I also enjoy 1950's American abstraction and the costructivists of the fifties and sixties. Richard Kell