Thursday, February 26, 2009

Makes Me Want To Puke!!!!

Look at this picture and if you are not upset to the point of outrage then you don't care about wild steelhead and their well being!
This egomaniac asshole claimed that this wild steelhead had to be killed because it was bleeding profusely from the gills.....BULLSHIT!!!
He ends up contradicting himself in the story and is tripped up several times by people who were there or knew what really happened.
So why is this upsetting? This guy wanted to kill this fish of a lifetime to satisfy his need to feel fulfilled and to feel like someone important. You would think that a man his age would have gotten past the whole chest thumping thing but apparently not and this wild steelhead paid the price.
Why would I curse at the sight of such a thing as a large and dead wild winter steelhead? Well folks if you are new here then go back and read some of the things I have posted in the past! I've done this blog for nearly three years and I have made it abundantly clear as to where I stand on wild steelhead.
Sure it was legal to kill this fish from Washington's Olympic Peninsula. It truly was a fish of a lifetime and no doubt this guy was proud! He must of been in order to brag and lie about the circumstance surrounding him clubbing this magnificent steelhead to death!
I wish I was able to tell this clown to his face that I think him killing this steelhead shows he doesn't give a damn. I hope karma catches up to him and he breaks his Spey rod on a snag.
Our collective psyche as anglers and conservationists cannot sit idly by while this stuff still goes on. We need to mature as anglers and get beyond the harvest mentality that still abound in places like Tillamook county or Forks Washington.


  1. Sad.
    If it is legal, the ethics must play a part in restraint. No ethics? Then kill away!!
    If it is illegal then it is illegal. Period.
    Sad indeed. The laws need to be changed.

  2. The harvest mentality here in the PNW seems to grow larger every year. It was legal to kill that fish but was it right? No way! Everything that makes that large fish unique and every progeny that that fish would create is now nothing more than a few large fillets in that idiots freezer.

  3. I truly hope that this event motivates anglers to get involved, change the laws and financially support conservation organizations working hard to protect wild fish.

    With a few clicks of the mouse you can make a difference:

    Please, join today for the future!

    P.S. Shane, appreciate all you do with this blog bringing awareness to the issues. THANK YOU!

  4. Man that's depressing. Important stuff to be aware of, but EFFING depressing (excuse the french).


  5. Joe Gaspers4:09 PM

    Why focus on this one guy? To date there have been (according to WDFW records) 67 wild SH killed on the Hoh this season and 231 on the Bogie, Calawah, and SolDuc. Shouldn't we be equally outraged everytime someone kills another one?

    Joe Gaspers

  6. Joe,
    Absolutely we should be outraged. Since this "gentleman" chose to plaster his grinning mug all over the internet he opens himself up to criticism.
    Those of us that care about the plight of wild steelhead should make our displeasure known to the state agencies that allow this harvest.
    Thanks for the information and the comment Joe.