Tuesday, August 10, 2010

El Rio Deschutes es Muy Ventoso

Que? Usted dice? No habla espanol? Oh mi calidad! Actually I don't speak Spanish all that well but was in a silly mood so if by chance there are some readers from Spanish speaking countries looking in then I thought they might like a bit of their native tongue to start out this latest epic entry.
I've fished the Deschutes for many, many years and the ferocity of the wind and it always catches me by surprise although I know I am going to have to deal with it more times than not. It's like it has to remind you just who it is that is in control of your day of fly fishing.
Well I never doubted it for one minute! On Monday the wind had it's way with me and in between hurricane like gusts I did manage a few casts.I tried to get a picture of the full force of the wind as it took my fly line and threw it back in my face but the image does not do it justice.
Some people complain about the wind on the Deschutes and while it is a bit bothersome I think it defines the personality of the wild western river the Deschutes is. Without the wind or the treacherous rapids or the rattle snakes or the imposing canyon ot the dnagerous wading the Deschutes would just be another ordinary river. In my fly angling life I do not want ordinary and hence my affection for this river of danger and beauty.
The Deschutes is not for the meek or timid and I always feel that way when I fish it. If you never venture out of your safe little world and cannot bear the thought of not being able to douse your flies in shrimp scent while you attempt to impersonate a fly fisherman then stay away from this river. I do not mean this as a warning but it's true that if you cannot endure the wind and the ruggedness of the Deschutes you will in all likelihood not enjoy this river.
This was my first steelhead trip of the year and it was a very enjoyable one. I fished all the likely spots but did not find a willing steelhead in any of them. The wind made for tall tales of the strikes I missed from huge steelhead because of the wind.
While swinging flies for winter steelhead offers it's own unique challenges and the lush green beauty of a coastal river in winter is in stark contrast to the subdued hues of central Oregon I look forward to many great trips east of the mountains this year.
So in closing I would just like to say I Amor el río de Deschutes y de su cabeza de acero or something like that.

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