Saturday, April 11, 2009

Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear....I Don't Care!

Lately I've gotten a few comments from "Mr.Anonymous" about the old spring chinook allocation battle between the sports anglers and the gill netters. Since someone apparently wants my input I thought I would dredge this up from the archives and update it a bit.
Mr.Anonymous or whomever you are I just want you to know that I will not publish your comments on allocation and why is that? Read on friend.
I just don't care! Not getting what you think is your share of fish? Your favorite lake didn't get stocked full of pellet head trout? Your favorite flavor of PowerBait is out of stock? Hey, I just don't care!
I mean why should I? You don't care that wild fish populations are in the toilet. You don't care enough to show up to a regional ODFW public meeting that is less than 10 minutes from your home. You don't care if habitat and spawning redds are destroyed. You see it's that selfishness thing again isn't it?

It never ceases to amaze how apathetic and complacent we have become. Just you watch though, how amazingly motivated people become when they think something is going to be taken away from them...self righteous indignation runs rampant.
We see it in state and federal government too! Take a ride to some of the upper coastal rivers and see the garbage and illegal camping going on! The US Forest Service that owns that land pretty much ignores it. An employee that is off duty will not bother. In other words they don't care.
My efforts are towards conservation of our wild resources. I will not make an effort to see that sports anglers get more hatchery fish and why should I? With few exceptions I see this group as a lazy and apathetic group of whiners. Fighting amongst themselves while their perceived "enemies" kick their selfish asses time after time when it comes to allocation. I care about wild fish and their habitat and I care deeply but I could not care less about who get the largest share of the hatchery fish pie.
Folks we are in crisis mode as far as conservation is concerned! Think it's unimportant? Take the time to find out that there has been a sixty percent drop-off in wild winter steelhead redds. Still don't care huh? Then you are beyond help.
So if this latest rant offends you? Hey guess what? I don't care.

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