Monday, May 16, 2011

Wild Steelhead Pictorial

Here are some pictures of beautiful wild steelhead that I've collected through the years.
The steelhead trout is, at least to me, the fish that dreams are made out of. It must be much the same feeling that Atlantic salmon afly fishermen feel about the legendary salmo salar
The importance of protecting these ocean going rainbow trout is paramount to the future of our angling heritage here in the Pacific northwest.Please do all you can to help these and other wild salmonids.
Anyway here is some eye candy for you steelhead junkies.

Photo Courtesy of Jad Donaldson

This fish was taken by me on the Wilson River in 2005

Joel La Follette and his legendary British Columbia steelhead

Photo courtesy of Bob Meiser of Meiser rods

                        Mike Hoffman's very first steelhead

         Winter Steelead caught by John Newbury                            

My 18.6 Wilson River native caught while drift fishing 2013


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