Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Big Thank You to ODFW

Now hang on there cowboy I haven't suddenly turned into friend of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife...quite the contrary! So  here goes my end of the coastal trout season rant.
Yes I just wanted to thank ODFW for opening up a harvest season for cutthroat trout after 17 years of catch and release.
I am soooo grateful for the bait plunker in nearly every run that I have cast a fly in previous years. You might think I'm whining because I want my own little fly fishing haven. Well yeah I guess that's part of it but the most important part of it, as proven by this season that ends today, these trout are not present in the numbers that Robert Bradley and Bob Buckman of ODFW claimed. The phony "Oregon Clam Diggers Association",those of your that attended the meeting last October in Forest Grove remember them don't you? , claimed there were huge numbers of these fish available. Well they're not, it was a lie and this season was proof of it. This is the first time in many years that I saw dead cutthroat trout so yeah excuse me for wanting to preserve a little catch and release fishing on a species whose numbers were lied about in order to sell licenses. I know this blog gets read by a few from ODFW and if I've offended them by calling some of their employees liars then tough shit! You so called "stewards" have really screwed things up. I'm pissed off at the way our wild fisheries are being managed or should I say mismanaged. ODFW seems to be hell bent to compromise every remaining run of wild trout, salmon and steelhead left in this state.
Take a look at the salmon fiasco on both the Columbia and it's tributaries and the coastal watersheds and you will understand.
So yes thank you ODFW for being incompetent bureaucrats. I'll see you lying pricks at the  budget hearings next year where you will try to justify your mismanagement....assholes

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  1. I think you are correct in your accusation that the numbers of fish were cooked in order to generate license sales. I have heard of other incidents similar to this as well.