Sunday, June 06, 2010

Russ and Mike

Well dear readers I once again miscalculated the famous Deschutes river salmon fly hatch. This year it was way back in the early part of May!
As Cubs fans would say maybe next year.
I did venture over last Tuesday and while the fishing was not exactly spectacular I did have the pleasure of meeting two elderly gentlemen named Russ and Mike. We chatted for quite a while as we waited for some kind of hatch to materialize that never did.
Mike told me about his father's 1930'sNorth Umpqua encounter with none other than Zane Grey. Seems like all those stories about Mr. Grey being an arrogant ass were indeed true according to Mike's father. It was a pleasure talking with them
I fished until dark and finally enticed a couple of trout to take an interest in my caddis dry fly.
Every trip to the Deschutes is a mystery. You never know what you are going to see or who you are going to meet. I met Russ, Mike and a little toxic reptile friend that I gave a wide berth to.
I enjoy seeing the diverse wild life of central Oregon. The red winged black birds and Ospreys. The wild turkeys and the turkey buzzards lunching on a roadside carrion meal and of course the rattle snakes.
The ride home through the wilderness between Pine Grove and the Timberline turn off is something I always enjoy.
I use that time to think and ponder everything from how my ball club is doing to how to save wild fish. Most times I listen to books on CD. Through the public library I found a copy of David James Duncan's classic "The River Why" so that has been on my CD player for my journeys to the Deschutes or to the "Tamanawis" on the north coast. This is my third time either reading or listening to this wonderful book...the movie does not do it justice.
On another note I'll bet none of you noticed that The Quiet Pool turned 7 years old recently last June. I am amazed myself that much useless ramblings and mindless drivel can come out of my water logged brain. I wanted to thank those of you who have been following my poor punctuation since 2006 although I would imagine that most if not all have moved on to more enlightening endeavours like playing Angry Birds.
I plan on doing this as long as I have silly notions to type or ODFW to bitch about. I hope you haven't been too bored.

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