Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The ODFW Version of 3 Card Monte

What is the old saying? If you can't wow them with facts then baffle them with bullshit!
Here is what those fine folks at ODFW are doing on the Sandy river
Lowering the baseline and avoiding the ESA by Spencer Miles


  1. Thanks for reposting this, Shane. I think it's really important for people to understand just how negligent the ODFW is when it comes to the health of our fish, and to what lengths they will go to ensure that the preservation of hatchery programs takes precedence over the preservation of wild fish.

  2. ODFW's response is hard to swallow, but makes sense: changes in the escapement goal for Sandy steelhead reflect the improvements scientific methods. They say their numbers are much more accurate now, and much more defensible. They also say they are relieved that the old numbers were higher, meaning they were managing conservatively.

    I explained that they have never met any of the escapement goals, which made it an absolute crime to continue with business as usual.

    Much more to follow...