Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sports Fishermen Are Spoiled

Do I mean what I am saying in the title of this entry? Hell yes I do and here is why.
Sports anglers are the most greedy, ignorant,lazy ,spoiled and self serving group of people that there is in the outdoor pursuits ! Every day on internet these greedy assholes whine about the fish they are not getting. It's always something or someone else's fault. It's the gill nets,it's the tribes, it's the sea lions/cormorants, it's the Canadians/Alaskans/Japanese. It's just endless finger pointing and cop outs.
Remember how the CCA was going to ride in and save the day? Didn't happen did it? Sports fisherman thought that the CCA was going to get them a more fish and shut down the gill nets and now these selfish slobs are disenchanted. Same thing happened with Northwest Steelheaders when they didn't come through. So who is going to be the next group that rides to the rescue so you(we) can get a larger slice of the allocation pie. Like the spoiled children that they (we) are they didn't get their way and now are going to hold their breath until they turn blue. They piss and moan because they have to use barbless hooks or non-sulfite bait cures because it maybe just might help wild fish.
The new culprit is Native Fish Society or any conservation group who actually looks at the big picture. These conservation groups are now the target of these spoiled pricks and no matter how much the facts are presented they refuse to believe them. Sounds like a bunch of republicans doesn't it? Well it just so happens many of them are.
When the last wild salmon or steelhead is gone for good who is going to be blamed? The myriad of scape goats I listed earlier or the real culprit and just who is that real culprit? The assholes who bitch and cry on the internet that's who. The guys that don't do shit that's who.  Doesn't matter if they (we) fish with conventional or fly gear either because every so called sports fisherman who sits on the sidelines is to blame.
So I hope this blog entry makes the rounds of Facebook and it pisses you off to the point that you continue to try to spam this blog like someone has been doing for over 6 months now and generally ridicule my message because the truth hurts. 

Bet you thought I was done ranting and raving on this blog...not even! I'm not in this to win friends and if you are a spoiled rotten little whiner who isn't getting a metric fuck ton of fish every year then I don't even want to know you and I do know many of you....unfortunately
The last few weeks has shown me just how much this blog and my opinions pisses people off and I don't really understand why except that maybe just maybe there is a bit of truth in what I'm saying?
Take a look in the mirror fellas because YOU are the problem! You have no one to blame but yourself and you will not educate yourself as to what is fact and what is not. Native Fish Society is not the enemy....YOU ARE!

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