Tuesday, April 29, 2014

ODFW Budget Means More Of The Same Lousy Product But At A Higher Price

$32 Million shortfall for the current biennium! Expect a license and tag fee increase and the same old shitty product from ODFW next year. Take note that hatchery programs take 28% of the 2013-2015 budget while Habitat Resources and Conservation takes 4%. This is an agency that is out of control! There are no "Blue ribbon" fishing opportunities in this state anymore. You can bet that not only those of us that live here but out of state anglers and hunters are going to pay dearly to fish and hunt in Oregon from now on.

Here is the breakdown showing the shortfall from the ODFW website.
Hey ODFW,need more revenue? How about closing some inefficient hatcheries? How boating permits, like on the Deschutes, for heavily used rivers? How about a user fee for guides? How about increasing the hatchery steelhead bag limit in order to attract more anglers? HOW ABOUT CLEANING OUT THE DEAD WEIGHT AT ODFW?

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