Friday, August 08, 2014

The Seven Deadly Sins Of Fly Fishing

This might piss a few people off but since I am doing this tongue and cheek those of you who get pissed will just have to get a sense of humor.
So with that in mind please allow me to present to you fine folks what I consider the unpardonable sins of fly no particular order.

1. Posing for a picture with the fish you just caught and your fly rod in your mouth

2. Fishing an indicator on a bamboo fly rod or Spey rod

3. Referring to cutthroat trout as "cutties"

4. Calling your $900 custom made Burkheimer a "fly pole"

5. Dropping names of famous fly fishers like you are personal friends with them

6. Wrapping so much lead wire on your contribution to a fly swap that it snaps the tip off of someone's fly rod

7. Making up snooty lists like this one and posting it on your blog

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