Friday, January 22, 2016

An Angler in Autumn

I have decided to take "The Quiet Pool" in a different direction, or should I say an old direction.
When I started this blog back in 2006 my desire was for it to be a place to write my inner most thoughts about this piscatorial pursuit that I love. I feel some of my best postings have been when I wrote in that vain.
I went from writing fly fishing prose to being fly fishing's angry old man. I ranted and raved at every inequity and slight that offended me, there was plenty to be offended about in my mind. I informed you readers about what was going on with the sorry plight of wild trout, steelhead and salmon and I correctly had reason for such offenses.
I was sometimes brutal in my assessment of the wrong of what state fish and wildlife agencies were doing and I believed this and still do,
The thing is that there are plenty of places throughout the internet and especially social media like o find out what is going on with our wild resources. I run a group on Facebook called For the Love of Wild Fish that is specially for information about our wild fish and the water they inhabit.
The Quiet Pool is going to be about fly fishing and everything that makes fly fishing beautiful. I will write about my experiences on the river and with the wild trout and steelhead I love so much.
I am weary of beating the conservation dead horse. Yes, it's important and should be discussed but "The Quiet Pool" is not going to be the place. 
This is my personal journal of my fly fishing life so that is what it's going to be.
I may recycle a few old posts that I wrote in the past to help the process along. I will be sharing the things that are dearest to me, 
As I've grown older I cannot do the things I once did. The water seems colder, the hills steeper and the rivers wider. I have to measure all I do on the river as I usually fish alone because I just cannot tolerate other anglers quirks and I'm too old to learn any different. This is how I want it. I want to write about the delights of a bamboo rod or a fine old Hardy reel. I want to share my triumphs and failures with a Spey rod and the wonders of my recent trip to Scotland and Ireland.
I don't have a large following on this blog and that is the way I have always wanted it to be. I have no desire to make any money from this blog either....too much work.
I want to go to that "Quiet Pool" of my dreams and relax beside it and marvel at the many things that make a river different from any other.
There is a time and place to fight for our wild resource but that is for another place and you can bet I will be involved. There are many battles yet to come but I want to reserve this place, with it's bad punctuation and all the warts it has to record my thoughts, if not for anyone but for myself.
I appreciate everyone who has come here in the almost 10 years I have been doing this blog. I consider each and every one of you my friends,
I would like to especially thank Erik Helm for his friendship and inspiration. Erik you are a true artist with words,
So here we go folks. no rants or raves or anger just peace, serenity and fly fishing.

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