Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Are Your Waders Trying To Kill You?

Link   What is living in your waders?

Good advice from the folks at Gink. Here is my own experience with dirty waders from 2014
Not trying to sell any product here but this scenario actually happened to me in 2014 while out fishing with someone new,I fell hard on a rock and scrapped a pretty good size wound on my shin through my waders.The waders were not torn at all. My shin ballooned to the size of a melon in seconds. The knucklehead I was with had taken off upstream and even though there was cell coverage in the area he had left his phone in his vehicle so I just had to wait until he came back downstream.
Got home and cleaned the wound as best I could. Although the swelling went down the wound got worse and after a visit to my doctor I was on antibiotics for a nasty staph infection. An infection that could have cost me my leg had I not acted.
The first round of antibiotics were ineffective. The second round of more powerful meds did the job but made me sick to my stomach. It took a solid two months for my leg to heal.I have a scar from the whole affair.
So what did I learn here? Oh yeah come to find out we were fishing in closed waters.
1.Don't fish with a knucklehead who will leave you high and dry.
2..Make sure you are fishing in open waters
3.Do not use wading shoes with studded, winter time soles in the summer
4.Clean out the inside of your waders...outside too! They are breeding grounds for bacteria.
5.Go to the doctor at the first sign of trouble.

This was the outcome of a slip on the river that could have cost me my left leg. This was day one and the infection had not totally set in yet.

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  1. The thought never crossed my mind, but damn good advice.