Thursday, May 14, 2009

Save The Metolius Postcard Campaign

I've written many times on this blog about the Metolius river and the area around it. I've written about what a truly magical place it is and how lucky we are in the state of Oregon to be blessed with such a place.
I've also written about those that look at the Metolius as a means to make money. Those folks certainly have no soul in my opinion.
Please print out these post cards and send them in if the Metolius means anything to you.


Click on the link above and then click on "sheet of support statements". You print out the postcards, fill them out, put them in an envelope and mail to the address listed. It's very easy, and if each of us can get a few signed, it will be a HUGE statement to our legislators!! The postcards (or sheet of support statements) will be hand delivered to Salem and shown to the appropriate legislators in the House of Rep's and the Senate. It is also still VERY important to continue to write to these legislators too. The Friends of the Metolius have created a wonderful website to link you to all the appropriate email addresses etc.

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