Saturday, May 23, 2009

That's the Ticket

Today is opening day of the 2009 coastal and high lakes trout season here in Oregon.
Despite the obvious defeat we suffered last fall at the hands of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife commission concerning coastal cutthroat trout I intend to double my efforts to save wild fish.
What do I have in mind? I will legally "harvest" legal size and adipose clipped "trout". So those over sized hatchery broodstock steel...I mean "trout" smolt that I encounter while pursuing cutthroat trout for catch and release? They will die!!! If legal size (eight inch minimum)I will harvest up to two a day. Those same "trout" that are smaller and adipose clipped I will gently release...ah yeah that's the ticket.
I would encourage all of my Oregon fly fishing brethren to do likewise.

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