Thursday, August 06, 2009


As revolting as the above picture is to me I am not angry at the angler who killed this cutthroat trout and then snapped the picture.
I am angry at the utter failure by Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. They are ones who failed to live by their mission statement. They failed to listen to any opposing argument when it came to allowing the harvest of this fish.
They failed to present truthful information when assessing the fitness of the population of this endangered fish for harvest.
The commission failed to allow debate on this and they failed to search for a compromise that all parties could have lived with.
The guy who killed this fish was just another member of the harvest mentality that dominates the thinking of most sports fishermen in this region.
As an example of this I read a post on where the poster marvelled at seeing a pod of orcas in the ocean near the mouth of the Columbia. He got a few congratulatory replies about how cool it was to see these wonderful creatures.
One comment, however, shows what most people really think.

"No that's not cool, I mean cool you and your crew got to see them, but I hope they keep moving on.I am sure they could put a dent in the run by hanging out at Buoy 10"

So now we get a glimpse of the potential future enemy of the greedy and self absorbed sports fisherman.

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