Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fly Fishing Double Speak

Whenever you hear a fly fisherman speak you can bet that they are either lying or not telling the whole truth about their fishing trip.
So as a public service I will list here the things you'll hear a fly fisherman say and what it really means.

When a fly fisherman says "We hooked a couple of fish" it really means he didn't actually hook anything but others in his party did just not him. If he had success you can bet he would have boasted in the singular to all who would listen.
When he says "I had a couple of bumps" he really means that he felt something while his line was in the water. It could have been a stick or underwater vegetation but it is unlikely what he really felt was a fish.
They will also say things like "I just wanted to get out and work on my casting" which means they got skunked!
Or you'll hear them say "I don't have the right line for my rod" and that means, of course, they can't cast worth a damn!
Of course every fish actually landed can be reduced in size by at least 4 inches or in the case of a steelhead or salmon you can automatically reduce the weight by at least one third.
I've used every one of these "half-truths" at one time or another. Usually when my wife asks me how I did and I feel the need to justify the exorbitant expenditures I make on my gear.
I might say things like I had a really great time on the river today but while I may have had a great time the reality of it is I didn't catch or even hook diddly squat.
Of course tippet size shrinks in proportion to the size of the trout actually landed. If you hear the angler say he was using a 6X tippet he was actually using a 2 or 3X.
How about the term strike indicator? "I was nymphing under a strike indicator" but what it really means is they were using a bobber on their fly line.
I can swear right now that as crappy a fly fisherman as I may be or a big liar that I may be I do not use bobbers.
You all know how I feel about these baby toys and so enough on that.
There are all kinds of half-truths and down right lies we poor anglers get accused of but in reality we probably deserve it.
So a typical story you might get from me is
"Yeah we hooked 2 or 3 and I got a couple of bumps. I need to get a new line for my rod since I was just out practicing anyway. I had a really good time though!"
Does this sound like one of your stories? Remember one thing though. A fisherman can detect BS coming from another fisherman. We are so well practiced you know.

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  1. Guilty as charged!
    I will often understate the fishing to those that inquire and are too lazy to explore, or are after my 'secret' places. "I did O.K." is a pretty noncommittal statement. "I got a few fish..." often may mean that the day was memorable, and the fish were plenty. Keeps people guessing.
    This however is reserved for the lazy, when it comes down to helping a new fisherman who is kind and eager, I always offer help and some modest advice. I never give away the whole game, as exploration and discovery are still a great part of this fine sport.