Saturday, December 19, 2009

Limp Wrist Fly Chucking Faggots

That is the latest thing that we fly fishermen have been called by the increasingly paranoid bait crowd here in the Pacific northwest.
I thought I would take time to perhaps refute some of that.
If I am limped wristed wouldn't that mess up my casting? I do a fairly good job at single hand casting so the limp wrist insult has no grounds.
I would like to think or at least I hope that I do not "chuck" my flies but I have to admit that there are times on the Deschutes when the wind is raging down the canyon that I may have "chucked" my fly out of defensive necessity. I guess fly chucker could be accurate at times.
Then the faggot part. Do they mean I am a cigarette? Faggot was slang for cigarettes at one time and was also used to describe a bundle of wood used for fuel. I refuse believe that a person would be so ignorant as to use this derogatory description of ones sexual orientation and apply it to fly fishermen...or would they? It's not like I haven't been called this before when I've taken a stand against the abuse of wild salmon and steelhead.
I've been threatened by more than one bait "chucker" and I've found that there is a lot of brave talk on the internet.Since it is so easy to be an anonymous internet warrior but never have to account for such mean spirited slander I mostly ignore this stuff.
All joking aside though it is worrisome that the resistance to conservation of wild salmon and steelhead gets to the point to where this kind of garbage exists. I often tell my detractors that I am pretty easy to find out on the river and I do spend a great deal of time on the north coast which seems to be a breeding ground for anti-conservation sentiment.
So call me anything you want tough guys but you will never be able to call me uninvolved or apathetic. I think being called those names would be the biggest insults of all.


  1. Morning Shane. As Forrest gump said "Stupid is as Stupid does" or is it Says? You know my motto (taken from Ron White) You can't fix stupid. Stupid is forever.

    Happy Holidays.


  2. I love it when I hear about bait-bobber-foul-hookin-neanderthals
    b!tch about the trash they see! The trash they see is usually bait containers! Since I do not throw bait now “but have in the past” I see it’s a problem in evolution! Natural selection is just not fast enough! I’m amazed that they hate us so much when there are plenty of great things we could learn from each other like for example. They could learn to pack out what they bring in. They could learn to use trash receptacles. They could learn how to actually fish, and read the water! Now there is a concept!

    Tom G.

  3. All kidding aside here shane ,if we pay attention to the name calling it just causes ,more name calling .
    The thing is the lack of education ,as a fisherman ,I will fish with bait for bass ,walleyes ,and catfish .I was raised a fishermen ! I learmed about flyfishing when i was young ,i didnt get good at it till my later years.
    Lots of people like to pick up a rod ,and chuck bait ,not always for salmonids !I chase steelhead with a fly for the challenge ,that is all there is to it . We are few and far between . the average guy out there doesnt have the time to tye flys they are working men (most of them )I tye as a hobbie ,as for bait chuckers that have to use terms like faggot ,redneck ,and all those otherwords ,they are just ignorant humans ,who in the real fight just run ,yes there are lots of Aholes on the net .You should be looking for the positive not the negative .There are many battles to pick and the bait boys are small frys in the battle word ! help Save the tillamook forest that is a battle !