Friday, February 05, 2010

101 Green Butt Skunks

To View the entire Green Butt Skunk Collection please visit
Joel La Follette's Royal Treatment Fly Fishing

This is just a great project my friend Joel La Follette has put together. Those that contributed to this project range from the legendary to the everyday fly fisher.Some of the contributions are from fly fishing greats like Mike Kennedy, who are no longer with us.
There are flies contributed by Bill McMillan, Frank Moore,Bill Bakke and Mike McCune to name a few.

These 101 Green Butt Skunks will be up for auction and
proceeds from this auction will go to the North Umpqua Foundation
I hope to see you at the unveiling.

The Dan Callaghan Memorial Fly Plate is a project I started just after Dan passed away almost four years ago now. It’s been a labor of love and has offered me a chance to meet some of the Northwest’s best fly tyers and steelhead anglers. In putting this collection together my intent was not to showcase the Green Butt Skunk as a revolutionary fly pattern, as it is not, but to show the influence a single, simple act had on tyers and anglers from all over the world.
By building this collection and offering it up for bid I hope to raise not only money for the North Umpqua Foundation in Dan’s memory, but awareness of things that are too important to lose. Each tyer that offered up a fly has some connection to Dan, the North Umpqua or simply a love for wild fish and the places they swim.
Looking at the collection you see the common thread that runs through each fly, but you also see the individuality of the tyer. Personalities come out into the open as the tyers weave their own magic into these little works of art. Age, background, experience and personal philosophy are included with the feather, fur and steel. It is truly a collection that comes from the heart and soul of each tyer.
As this collection makes it’s way around the state I hope that people get the chance to see all of these things and find their own inspiration. Perhaps it will awaken a desire to protect and preserve things that are important to all of us.
Joel La Follette


  1. Now that is a very nice idea and a neat project. Thanks for the post and the link!

  2. Incredible committment to make this project happen and an incredibly generous contribution to protecting the resource.

    It's wonderful to know there are many good people participating in this sport.