Sunday, February 14, 2010

I Feel Like Bitching About Winter

I can't remember if I made some sort of half-assed promise not to bitch about winter this year so if I did make some kind of pledge to not whine about winter then too damn bad!
You see here in the Pacific northwest winter plays little mind games with us anglers. Yeah we'll get a few days of balmy 60 degree days and really start to feel somewhat normal again. Hell,I will even break out one of my 15-18 fishing shirts and wear it. You know the type of shirts I'm talking about don't you? They have multiple pockets within pockets and a simpleton like me can actually lose stuff in them. You can feel the object you are looking for but have no clue how to get to it! If I had to put the antidote to some poison I need in one of those pockets and get to it quickly then I'm screwed!
Anyway I'll be feeling pretty good on those false spring days and even start thinking about the Deschutes when old man winter decides it's time to kick me in the groin and rain that crappy cold rain we have up here for the next two weeks.
It's like winter is saying "Back into your hole fat boy I'm not done with you yet!"
I guess I shouldn't complain too much though as it seems like this part of the country is about the only place not blanketed with 3 feet of snow. Yeah I should feel bad for those folks in New York but I don't! That's the price they pay for thinking the west is just the poor step-child in this country and barely worth acknowledging.
Then there are those smart asses who live in the desert southwest and are enjoying their swimming pools and golf course right now. Yeah laugh it up you bunch of martians because when it's 150 degrees in the shade in July and I'm enjoying a beer and the light wind of a summer evening I will not shed a tear for you and your sunburned asses.
All kidding aside though friends I cannot think of a better place to live than here in Oregon. I don't own a snow shovel or even tire chains for that matter.
I don't need to drive anywhere when we get that occasional 1" of snow that freaks all the transplanted Californians out and causes more gridlock than there is in Congress. So since I can't jet off to Maui at the first sign of winter I'll take Oregon any day and hey the first sign of spring is only a few weeks away! What am I talking about?
Pitchers and catchers report February 21st and we can at last be done with the plague that is called the NFL

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  1. Rain....?....?
    I think I remember that....sort of. It is a kind of rare liquid snow if I remember correctly...