Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fly Fishing Myths - Pacific Northwest Edition

As I sit here impatiently awaiting the UPS driver to deliver my new trout reel I am thinking about some of the legends about fly fishing in this region that simply are not true so here goes.
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1.The Holy Water on the Rogue - With a massive dam looming over you and poison oak everywhere I just didn't feel like I was fishing in some sort of sacred water.

2.Using indicators is fly fishing  - Using these is not fly fishing in the truest sense of the word. They are a short cut to success and a gimmick...nothing more. So don't go feeling all smug and superior if you catch a lot  fish using this method.

3.Cutthroat trout are not selective feeders - The bigger ones in the fall are definitely selective.

4.Native north coast summer steelhead exist - No they don't. They say the Siletz has natives but further up the coast a summer steelhead with an intact adipose is a mis-clipped hatchery fish.

5.You can fish along any stream bank you wish to in Oregon - Nope! Not unless the river has been determined to be navigable by the Oregon Department of State Lands. You could be cited for trespassing!

6. Deschutes River Rattle Snakes - They do exist but are very shy and I've only seen a couple of them in 35 years of fishing that river.

7.You can use salmon roe as money in Tillamook County - It almost seems that way and since I do not use salmon eggs I cannot completely debunk this myth (that I kind of started)

8.PNW internet fishing forum owners care about more than just making money - Show me one!

9.Association of Northwest Steelheaders and the CCA are conservation organizations - Funny how these groups are never present when wild salmonids are the issue unless it's to advocate their harvest.

10. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife always does what is best for wild salmonids - Hey are you interested in buying the Fremont Bridge?

11.My profile picture flatters me - Truthfully I am much more handsome in person....really...no really I am...I'm not lying!!!!

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