Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Any Day on the Deschutes is a Good Day

Last Friday I took my first trip east to fish the Deschutes for trout and I had a wonderful time. There were no large March Brown hatches coming off the river and the river was a little too high and off color. The presence of smolt could have been annoying and the weather was cooler than I had hoped for but you know what? I was, please excuse the school boy exuberance, fishing the "friggin" Deschutes! Hell I even fell in the river but who cares? This is the Deschutes we are talking about here folks.
That really says it all doesn't it? A less than great day on the Deschutes is still a great day compared to anywhere else. Yeah I got a few trout and had one monstrous take on a dry that I think may have been a down river steelhead.
That first glimpse the river as I rounded the corner just outside of Maupin for the first time in about six months. The smell of the sage, especially in the spring after it had been raining....I truly love it.
Of course I brought along my favorite bamboo rod and Hardy reel as it was only fitting to start this years pursuit of trout with them.
The wind was minimal and my casts were true. The Deschutes never disappoints even when I get skunked or the wind is blowing at a gale force.
So trout lovers here is to another great season pursuing our favorite fish on our favorite rivers wherever they may be.
My hope is that your casts are straight and your lines tight.

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  1. You know, Shane, I just might have to make it back up there this year. Even though I didn't catch anything last year, it was an enjoyable experience.