Monday, April 05, 2010

Why Is Conservation So Hard To Grasp?

Why do some people reject the idea of healthy wild fish populations, clean water and clean air? I'm not asking a rhetorical question here, I would really like to know.
Why is the concept so foreign to so many? I know that for the wealthy corporations it's all about money and , although I vigorously oppose the greed at the expense of the environment,I understand why they think the way they do.
I'm talking about the every day person that bristles at being required to release a wild trout or salmon. Does it have something to do with not liking to be told no? Do they figure they are owed a fish for the frying pan?
It seems like we Americans are always doing things that are contradictory to our best interest! Just look at the way we vote in some elections.
Do they think it's unconstitutional to be told that they cannot ride their quad runners off road wherever they want?
Is it just ignorance and selfishness? How and why did so many of us become this way?
I've expended a ton of verbiage on this blog about wild salmonid issues and for the life of me I cannot understand why conservation is not important to everyone who stands to lose so much.
For being the most advanced society in the world we seem to have advanced very little from the idea that the earth is ours to plunder as we see fit.
The "Me First" attitude is passed on from parent to child and one has to wonder how this all of this bodes for the future. I think if we are waiting for some kind of enlightenment to happen with future generations we are fooling ourselves. I just don't see it happeneing.Those future generations are never going to know the joy of clean running rivers and the salmon that ascend them...truly sad if things do not change.

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