Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Support

I have made it abundantly clear over the life of this blog what I believe and who I support. I thought that it would simplify things if I just listed them all here. No explanations, just who and what I support

Here goes.....

I support Columbia river native American fishing rights! Yes the famous Boldt decision.

I support closing any hatchery program that is detrimental to native salmonids

I support the banning of all sulfite based bait cures

I support catch and release on all wild salmon,steelhead and trout

I support wild salmonid reserves and refuges

I support mandatory barbless hooks

I support increasing daily limits on hatchery steelhead and salmon

I support fly fishing only areas in certain rivers

I support mandatory retention of all hatchery fish

I support boaters passes, like those on the Deschutes, for certain streams

I support ending all harvest of any wild trout on all rivers

I support closing upper portions of certain rivers to insure protection of spawning wild salmonids

I support an overhaul of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

I support ending all angling on chum salmon on the Miami and Kilchis rivers

I support larger riparian zones along coastal rivers

I support the Endangered Species Act

I support and am a member of Native Fish Society

I support and am a member of Wild Steelhead Coalition

I support and am a lifetime member of Trout Unlimited

I support a lead ban

I support marine reserve zones