Monday, May 17, 2010

Cutthroat Trout

I love to fly fish for these wonderful trout on a early summer day before the water gets too warm for them. the northern. Perhaps it's the wild abandon that they come to a fly. Either way they are my favorites.
I am pretty defensive about them when they get mistreated and cannot understand why someone would stoop to using bait for them and kill them. It is legal to do so but in my opinion it's very unsportsmanlike. Their excuse is always the old "Well you C&R them don't you? and doesn't that cause mortality?" Sometimes if you are not careful it will....I am careful and will not take them out of the water or use a net before I release them. I guarantee you though using a sand shrimp for bait while fishing for this aggressive species will definitely cause a much higher mortality rate!
Set your ego aside and do what is right for these trout.

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  1. Sorry theo but I am not going to give you the opportunity to use my blog to post your twisted fishing that enough of a scud for you?