Thursday, May 06, 2010

Moon's "O" Tick Story

I want to share this story by my friend Moon. Some of you probably know Moon from the Westfly website and know what he is capable of.
Moon is a great guy and a good story teller and I just had to include this here.
Please note that I deliberately did not include a picture as you readers really need to use your imagination on this one...enjoy!

I've been known to enjoy the camp “O” experience….. For me – it’s a place to wrap up a summer of camp fishing with a canyon unlike anything I’m used to. I have no idea if what I’m getting ready to say is true or not – but it sounded true when the guy told me this. I was just standing and looking up at the sculptured heights of the canyon there, and all the different colors that bounce around as the sun hits it with its last light of the day….. It is absolutely stunning.
Anyhow – this guy walks up and we start talking, and I told him how much I appreciated the sight I was witnessing. He asked where I was from and I told him. He then went on to explain that this canyon, though eroded by water over time – was and is sculpted by the wind. (like I said – I don’t know if this is true, but it sounded true)….Then he turned and walked right through my camp to get to the water.
Now this isn’t such a big deal I guess – except I don’t want strangers walking through my camp. And because of this, I had gone to the trouble of planning around this happening. So I placed my camp where anyone could access the water by a trail just a few feet outside my camp. As a matter of fact, the trail leading from my camp – re-connected to the above mentioned trail before hitting the water. There are a lot of people who use this river and you have to share, but like I said – I had already thought of this and therefore - no reason to walk through my camp like that.
And he did this for two straight days in a row – but he never fished the water. He would just look and leave always coming straight through my camp. On the third evening, I stopped him in my camp and asked him why he was accessing the water through my camp – instead of using the trail just outside of my camp. And he said, “because I can” you’re not a local….. I thought about this – and thought about this, and finally decided he was a big Richard Cranium and if he came back through tomorrow – we’d just have a little talk.
Anyway my lovely wife was coming into camp that night. So I quit fishing early that day to do a camp clean up and get ready for momma. I had gotten done with camp chores and had just finished taking my shower when I heard him (the camp stalker) pull up. It just sort of peeved me off, and I kinda lost it.
(STOP READING NOW) – if you don’t want to read about a “FAT NAKED GUY”….
So I’m standing there in my shower tent naked looking out at this guy when I decided – he didn’t need to be in my camp, and especially with the women folk that were coming in that evening….So I went out to meet him….. Except, well – I think it kinda freak him out a bit cuz I never, ever saw him or his car again.
Anyway – instead of getting dressed, I just walk out the shower and headed right for him. Of course I had my marble sack in my hand and had stretched it up to my chin (or at least it felt that way). So this guy looks up and sees a big fat naked guy not only walking straight for him, but this big fat naked guy has his family jewel’s sack stretched out like an old hide tacked to the shed drying wall. And I said, hey bro, since were such good friends – would you mind looking at this and telling me if it’s a tick (as I pointed with my other hand at the nether regions of my self) …… Well, he never did let me get close enough so he could look and I never saw him again…..

That’s my “O” tick story….

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