Saturday, May 15, 2010

You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

I had the distinct honor of floating down a north coast river this week with none other than Skagit /Spey casting expert Mike McCune and it was an awesome day. Nope we didn't run into any willing steelhead but that was totally secondary to what made the trip so "awesome"
For the entire day I had personal casting instruction from Mike. Could you put a value on something like that? Mike was extremely patient and helpful as I know he must have been at least a little frustrated with my foibles and crappy casting habits and I ended the day a much better caster than when I started.
For those of you that are not familiar with Mike McCune and desire to become a better two handed rod caster and steelhead fisherman you should get Rio's 3 DVD set "Modern Spey Casting" or Ed Ward's Skagit Master" DVD.
Mike, along with Ed Ward and Scott O'Donnell, have turned the fly fishing world and specifically the spey world on it's ear with their innovations in spey casting better known as Skagit casting.
These three friends revolutionized the sport like no others. They also operate Speywater Guide Service on legendary rivers like the Grand Ronde, Skagit and the Nehalem.
Anyway my day on the river with Mike proved, once again,that you can indeed have a spectacular day fly fishing without catching any fish.
The weather was great and of course the company was legendary...thanks Mike!

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