Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ain't it Glorious?

What are some of the most wonderful words one can ever hear? Certainly "I love you" would be at the top and especially today. "Congratulations,it's a boy or it's a girl" would rate right up there as would "Would you care to come up for a drink?" at the end of a date a with a beautiful woman.
For this old man though, I would have to put "PITCHERS and CATCHERS REPORT TODAY" right up there as wonderful,glorious and invigorating a statement I would like to hear this time of year and at this time of my life
There is plenty of time as the spring and summer progresses to get disgusted in the plight of my favorite baseball team but right now today, February 14, 2008, those words are music to my ears.
With the beginning of spring training comes a renewal of hope after a tough winter. A rite of passage from the gloom, a moment in the sun...ain't it glorious?

John Fogarty knew the feeling

and so did Kirk Gibson

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