Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Master at Work

I was fortunate enough to take a trip down a coastal stream today with guide Mike McCune of Spey Water Guide Service and although I did not hook any steelhead I had a great time! Mike is an expert of the Skagit line for two-handed rods so the learning experience itself was worth it. Mike is also an expert oarsman as he floated my over fed carcass down some very tricky white water and I also got to see him hook,land and release this beautiful wild coastal winter steelhead.

I don't usually promote a business on this blog but I will make the exception for Mike as he is a true gentleman and a fine angler.
Thanks again for the great day Mike!
Actually I was doubly lucky to share the front seat with another expert spey angler and good friend John Bracke. John has a passion for wild fish and so it is no surprise that he and I get along so well.

John has helped me focus on what is truly important as a responsible fly fisherman and conservationist. He has long fought the battle for our wild coastal steelhead and anyone who share a concern for wild fish owes a concerned conservationist like John a debt of gratitude.

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  1. Shane,
    Glad to hear you got out to fish the coast with Mike and John.
    I was out on the coast last Friday with Chris O'Donnell and tied into this perfect wild and wonderful specimen. She fought with unparalleled determination.

    Keep after it.