Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dammit! Protect the Metolius For Crying Out Loud!

I've written more than a few time about the way I feel about the Metolius river on this blog before. It's a magical and wonderful place that goes beyond fly fishing and into an almost spiritual emotion concerning it.
Beautiful, mysterious and breathtaking are just some of the adjectives one could use when looking upon this river and it's surrounding area.
There are those soulless folks, who see everything in dollars and cents, that only see it as an area ripe for development. They see golf courses, day spas and destination resorts. They see potential tourism money to be made at the expense of all that is right and great about the Metolius.
In the state of Oregon I can only liken the North Umpqua as a place that would rival the Metolius in it's inspirational beauty. Why inspirational you say? Go there and find out.
Walk along the river amid it's Ponderosa pines and take in all that this area offers. Like I said before it goes beyond fishing and in fact I can think of no place I've trout fished in this state where it's harder to hook a fish with a fly. The endangered bull trout populations have found refuge in the Metolius and it's nothing to look into a pool and spot bull trout over 20 inches.
The Metolius is just one of those places you want to be.
There is legislation to protect this area and it comes under Oregon House Bill 3100.
Those of you that have been to the Metolius and have enjoyed the beauty of the Metolius and it's area please let your feelings be known. If you live in Oregon contact you representative and urge their support for's just that important.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, on it.

    The Metolious is one of the most beautiful rivers I've ever seen, and deserves the highest protections.