Friday, March 27, 2009

Tying a Size 20 Dry Fly? Piece of Cake!

Yours truly on the Kilchis River

I thought that tying a size 20 dry fly was about as likely for this old fly fisherman as scoring with Angelina Jolie With the help of a lighted magnifying glass and ultra fine 8/0 uni-thread and, of course, a simple pattern I pulled it off.
I really love fishing a small dry more than any type of fly fishing. There is just something about witnessing a gentle slurp or a violent surface explosion by a trout that quickens the pulse like nothing else in this angling endeavour. It makes it even more enjoyable if the fly the fish are after is one that comes from your own vise.
I was fishing an evening caddis hatch on the Deschutes a few years ago when I tucked my rod under my arm to light my pipe. No sooner had I gotten my bowl going a big Deschutes redside decided my size 14 winged caddis imitation was to his liking and he jumped all over it while I stumbled around and collected my wits while this trout did a huge mid river cartwheel.
I did end up landing it and it was shortly thereafter that a late spring storm put the river out for the rest of my stay but it was one of those unforgettable trout that one encounters throughout his angling life.
To me it just does not get more basic than fishing a dry. You have the line leader and fly attached to your rod and reel...the rest is up to you!
Selective trout? Maybe but I doubt that the trout have the ability to actually decide what to feed on. Maybe it's that they are full of baetis spinners and want a trico or maybe it's a hexagenia is what they are after so who knows? All I know is the absolute angling pleasure that comes from a fly fishing plan that all comes together.
Whether it be a large Deschutes redside or a smallish coastal cutthroat I doubt that there are many anglers who say that they do not like the surface action.
So with another winter steelhead season almost behind me it's time to think trout. The first trip east to the Deschutes will come soon and while I would guess the early spring winds will make it a less than fruitful journey it's just being there that counts.
It's been a long cold winter and these old bones are ready for some sun and the hope that a trout will rise to my size 20 creation.
Here is wishing all of you "trout nuts" an enjoyable season. Whether you are from my neck of the woods or some place where the "troot grow as big as your arm" good luck to you all!

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