Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why This Picture Should Piss You Off

Yes I know another dead wild steelhead! This one from the Snoqualmie river in Washington. The blood coming from the gills and mouth spells certain death for this fish.
So here is the deal. I will not publish any comments to this blog that support killing wild salmonids anymore. Some can call it censorship but this is my blog and I support wild fish and so that is the way it is. You will have to show your ignorance and selfishness concerning wild salmonids elsewhere because it won't be published here.
I will continue to publish pictures like the one above and continue to rant about the demise of our native steelhead, trout and salmon populations.
You want to advocate the killing wild fish? Go elsewhere to do it because you are not welcome here.
There is not much else to say except this is just another example of the ignorance that is still out there concerning wild steelhead.
It may sound silly but I mourn the death of this steelhead and words cannot adequately describe the contempt I have for the jerk who killed it.


  1. I fully support your decision, and I fully empathize with your emotions regarding this picture.

    We blog so we have a venue, we're not politicians or the press, we don't have to pretend to hold any middle ground. We have opinions, and we publish them. 'Nuff said.


  2. Why not post the losers name and stuff too like with English Pete?