Monday, September 28, 2009

Contacting ODFW

I've been asked to provide a list of ODFW contact information so that if you have any concerns (and you should) about how our wild salmon and trout are being managed you can address you concerns directly.

This is the ODFW commission. The people listed below are the ones who make the major decisions about what happens to wild salmonids.
These people are the ones who decided it was a great idea to allow the harvest of wild coastal cutthroat trout starting in 2009.

Marla Rae (Chairperson) - The Rae Group
333 High Street NE, Suite 202
Salem, OR 97301

Skip Klarquist -
Zalutsky & Klarquist, PC
215 SW Washington Street, 3rd Floor
Portland, OR 97204

Zane Smith Jr. -
1243 Delrose Drive
Springfield, OR 97477-1594

Dan Edge -
Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
OSU, 104 Nash Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-2910

Carter Kerns NO Email Contact
503 N Main St.
Pendleton, OR 97801-2243

Jon Englund -
Englund Marine Supply Co, Inc.
PO Box 296
Astoria , OR 97103

Bobby Levy -
PO Box 69
Echo , OR 97826

You can also send comments to Rhine Messmer at ODFW

The Tillamook ODFW fish biologists can be contacted here

Chris Knutsen - 503-842-2741

Robert Bradley - 503-842-2741

Rick Klumph (Regional Manager) - 503-842-2741

You can also contact the Fish Division Administrator
Ed Bowles - 503-647-6206

Good luck and remember these people are mostly bureaucrats who will just pass stuff on to the next level down.

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  1. thanks shane im going to print this so when people ask i have a reference