Thursday, September 17, 2009

If Only They Had Trout in Hawaii

Well friends I'm back! Hawaii was everything I thought it would be and more. From the quaint little piece of paradise called Lahaina to the exhilarating Kaleakela Crater to the nightmarish, at least for me driving, Road to Hana it was a wonderful and memorable trip. I was glad to share it with the woman I married 30 years ago.
It's an emotional feeling I am having right and maybe it's just that I am tired. When I think about the last week especially when we visited the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor the wave of emotion I felt at that most hallowed place will be something I shall never forget.
I will add to this posting in the next couple of days with some pictures from my trip so hang in there.
One thing though and I really mean this. As wonderful and beautiful as Hawaii is I still am glad to come home to the Pacific Northwest,it's rain, it's trout and it's steelhead.
They is truly no place like home!


  1. From what I recall "have not been there in a long time" they were going to stock a few rivers down there on the Big Island with a few trout! Yes Pearl Harbor is an amazing sight to see as you become over run with emotions!

  2. Anonymous8:18 AM

    Hey TROUT are nice. But you don't need trout where there is Bone Fish. In my opinion after catching one it is the trout of saltwater fly fishing. You'll never tangle with another fish with so much fight for it's size.

  3. I'm pretty sure thyere are some trout on the Big Island.

    Hawaii is super nice but I'd rather be in the Northwest.

  4. Hawaii does indeed have trout...and a Trout Unlimited chapter to boot...